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Goodie Girl Cookies 2016 Year In Review

What a splendid year. I took a ski and a bike riding lesson, (yes, I cant do either!), my twins started confidently walking to school by themselves, (albeit with secret stops to Starbucks!), and my almost 8 year old actually reached for a book [one day] instead of an iPad.

And the success starts there I am so proud and grateful to you all for an amazing growth spurt for Goodie Girl Cookies over last year. We launched in so many new retailers like Publix, Fresh Direct, Lowes, Food Lion, and Wegmans. Our country has so many amazing super markets and grocery stores where people can get great products. Theres no stopping us now.

In 2016 my kids were finally chill enough for me to reconnect with the live music scene. I spent 3 days giving out cookie samples to thousands of indie rockers, and a bunch of my favorite band members, (Quicksand, Dinosaur Jr.) at The Wrecking Ball in Atlanta. I was shocked to discover how many people are choosing to live gluten free lives because it just makes them feel better. (If youre doing it again in 2017, count us in!)

Back when I was a VP of PR at TV Guide, my job was to book editors on shows like EXTRATV, before events like the Critics Choice Awards. Wow. Tables turned. Now its ME on EXTRA pushing Gluten Free Goodie Girl Cookies into Mario Lopez‘ mouth. (I am told that he never eats sweets, but he ate one of our gluten free cookies)! Is this a dream?

Thank goodness for sample sales, on our start-up budget and the hot pink Oscar de la Renta gown I snagged for my trip down the blue carpet at A+Es Critics Choice Awards. It did make me easy to spot amongst Nicole Kidman and Ryan Gosling! And on a side note–I have to say that John Voight and Warren Beatty may be older but theyre pretty sweet if you ask me

BTW-back home in NY at drop-off today, Todd Komarnicki, Sully nominated screenwriter and class dad, leaked news that his whole table (ahem that includes Tom Hanks), were scarfing our gluten free cookies all night and kept on requesting more. Come on people, how did I miss that photo!?

But seriously, the most exciting part of the last few months, has been our interaction with our community of consumers, moms, college students, bloggers and just overall great people. Many of whom were looking for a gluten free alternative to snacks! We get some of the most amazing emails and social media outreach. I want to continue to cultivate this relationship in 2017. Building a small business is all about local outreach and we want to support your social groups, girl-troops, meetings, causes, and anywhere you feel that our gluten free Goodie Girl Cookies will make an impact.

We have many who have reached out to become official brand ambassadors for Goodie Girl Cookies and have helped us build our community locally. I love this!

My Uber driver in Tampa (at a Goodie Girl Cookie plant visit) even emailed us about where to find our gluten free cookies, and I thought, how about sampling our cookies in Ubers..? Interested? Let us know!

Bring us your ideas. If you have a store near you, reach out! Demos. Tastings. Giveaways. Recipes. Races. Fundraisers. Gift Bags. From local outreach to National Awards Shows. We do it all.

We are still small enough to read every email received- so tell us what you love and what you want that you cant find! We love to interact through social media to so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You may even find us on SnapChat soon! Organic growth is our lifeblood!

In 2016 we continued our support for great health causes like Autism Speaks and the American Cancer Society and found support for a few grassroots organizations like Girls on the Run, working to instill strength and confidence in young girls.

In 2017, we hope to secure a strategic relationship with a local not-for-profit that resonates with not only me buy with our following. I am in the process of working with my sister who works for New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI) to define the type and cause of that organization. We know that giving back to our community is so important.

Finally- be sure to look for gluten free Goodie Girl Cookies before you board that plane we are on the shelves of Cibo Express Markets in many air ports. My dad would have been so proud of our upcoming launch at Stop n Shop (Ridgefield, CT store was our country house market) too. Most exciting of all — Soon you can even get a taste of Goodie Girl Cookies on almost every street corner in the US (stay tuned for some amazing news in Spring 2017).

Following our mission to create better for you versions of classics, we have been super busy testing a bunch of new products for 2017 that I cant wait for people to taste. You will also notice a few new updates to our packaging over the coming month. Love to know what you think and I believe you will see we are listening to your feedback.

Look for a survey coming soon asking for your opinions. We value your input and appreciate your business.

Heres to a Great no a Goodie New Year! Hope you enjoyed my”2016 Year in Review”. Looking forward to continuing this journey with you in 2017!

Goodness Never Tasted So Naughty!

Shira & The Goodie Girl Cookies Family


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  1. I know your cookies are GF but are they non-GMO if so why isn't it advertised?

    Just a conserned customer 🙂


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