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Goodie Girl’s Back in School

To all of you moms who?ve been savoring Goodie Girl?Cookies summer richness, let?s reminisce about our summers past. It?s too early to let go of the season?s fun. Goodie Girl’s Back in School already? NO WAY!

What?s your favorite childhood-summer memory and of going back in school?

As we lead our kids back in school, it?s with a mix of one-part melancholy and two-scoops of exuberance. We can remember our own angst of feeling excited to see our friends after 10 weeks and of fondly recalling the short fun and carefree days of summer. We felt those butterfly flutters about seeing our school crushes. Then of course, there was each September?s wardrobe pandemonium.

Back In SchoolCan you still recall that empty stomach feeling of when your dad/mom drove your family home from summer vacation in a packed car, windows cranked open, sweaty legs stuck to the vinyl seats, and hot air blowing on you in the back seat? It seemed the sun and fun should last forever.

Yet that drive home marked summer?s end. Back then, school started on the day after Labor Day. What?s up now with the two extra days of vacation after Labor Day? School starts on a Thursday so as not to shock our kids that, ?Yes, vacation IS over?!?

Back in our day, school lunches were rarely gourmet. My dad packed lunches for my sister, Marnie and me. We got dad?s notion of nutrition. Brown paper bag. Whole-wheat bread, peanut butter with no sugar, tomato juice, a McIntosh apple and if we were lucky, $.50 in our pocket for an after-school romp at the corner store. We thought we?d surely starve without our post-class Drake Apple Pie (sugar) and Doritos (salt) ? nothing organic or healthy, just plain fun and naughty.

Now you (and your kids) can enjoy this summer?s fun while they?re at school. We?ve created the NEW?Mint Cookie 8 pak for the convenience of you, the busy mom, and your program-scheduled kids. It?s an opportunity for a gourmet taste in the brown-bag world of kids? school.

Pack their lunches with our gluten freeMint Cookie 8 pak . Or hold ?em for yourself. Slip a gluten free?Choco-Chip or Double Chocolate Chip Go Pak into the backpacks for a special, gluten free,?post-quiz treat.

Yeah, it?s been years since our elementary school days. We still have a right to be naughty and to have fun well into our kids? school year. Why let summer end completely when Goodie Girl Cookies can help us to relive the best of our summer?

I?m curious to hear your stories. Jot a favorite summer or back-to-school memory in the comments section below or share with us on Facebook!

Mommy Mailbox w/ Goodie Girl Treat

Mommy Mailbox w/ Goodie Girl Treat

by @mommymailbox


Did you check your mailbox today? This pretty package is inside and waiting for you! @accessoryjane picked a fantastic lineup of summer essentials. All the details on products #ontheblog


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