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Gluten Free Campfire Dessert Bags

Campfire Dessert Bags are created in partnership with Goodie Girl Cookies. My Gluten Free Miami appreciates their support!

Take the fun at your next campfire to the next level with gluten free campfire dessert bags! Skip the walking taco and create your own walking cookie dessert bag!

Campfire Dessert Bags

Have you seen the walking taco? If not, let me give you a quick run down. Basically, you take a bag of your favorite chips, crush them up a bit, and add in all your favorite taco toppings and hit the road. When you?re done, the whole things goes in the trash. No extra plate needed, just eat it straight out of the bag. It?s a great idea, and I do love tacos, but it got be thinking- why can?t I make a walking cookie bag?

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