Gluten Free Magical Fun Dip - Goodie Girl

Gluten Free Magical Fun Dip

by Eat At Our Table

This gluten free copycat version of dunkaroos is the perfect gluten free snack to bring some magic to snack time. Gluten Free Goodie Girl Magical Crackers dipped in a cream cheese frosting with sprinkles, snack time was never so fun!

The Snack Time Trade Off

I?m sure I?m not the only one with memories of the snack time food trade. Of course one of these classics were dunkaroos. Cookies with their own frosting to dip in. Kid?s would trade their whole snack for just one cookie dipped in frosting.

This copycat dunkaroos (made gluten free, of course) are going to have all the kids begging to switch snacks.

[ full recipe ]

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