Goodie Girl Cookies Celebrates National Ice-Cream Month! - Goodie Girl

Goodie Girl Cookies Celebrates National Ice-Cream Month!

Top Your Frozen Creaminess with Crunchy Goodieness

Cool off this hot summer with hip, Goodie Girl Cookies crumbled on top of your favorite creamy ice-cream treat or create your own ice cream sandwich with your favorite Goodie Girl Cookie. That is what we did with Phin and Phebes Ice Cream this month at the July Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center. July is National Ice Cream Month, so what better way to chill and indulge your naughty side. Spend a few precious minutes alone on your deck, terrace, or beachside listening to the crashing waves – all while tasting the rich, gluten-free, dark chocolate of Mint Cookies, Double Chocolate Chip, or Toffee Crunchy Chaos. Feel the cookies swirl with velvety ice cream on your taste buds for instant summer greatness! Now the mouth-watering tastes of Goodie Girl Cookies are as close as your selected Walmart store. Share the all-natural and peanut-free ingredients that you love with your family (or keep em as your secret stash). You can be the cool mom in the neighborhood with your Goodie Girl Cookie bag – all-natural, healthy, summer greatness! Junk food without junk!


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