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Goodie Girl Cookies- Go “Wild”

Guest Blog Post on Goodie Girl Cookies from Steve Archuleta of Randy & Steve’s- The New General Store.

From the bustling streets of Tribeca, Manhattan to the majestic heights of Northern California, a little bit of everything naughty has caught the attention of cookie lovers everywhere. Naturally gluten free and prepared with “just the right amount of wrong”, Goodie Girl Cookies has made a better tasting cookie without the unnecessary junk. While purging the industrys old, 20th-century obsession with synthetic preservatives and hydrogenated fats, Shira Berk has blended her creative past with a passion for baking and subsequently mastered five delightful cookie flavors. It is hard to believe that just two years ago she debuted her creations at Randy & Steves The New General Store. Today, November 2014, the west coast Costco has begun selling our personal favorite, Crunchy Chaos, and Target carries the entire line.

Artfully baked in a peanut free facility, Goodie Girl offers Shira’s traditional mint cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies along side two other recipes that she calls: Chocolate Chip, and Double Chocolate Chip. In this age of health conscious consumerism, we excitedly direct you to the shift-3 combination on your keyboard and encourage you to type #gogoodie into your internet browser to learn more about these delicious cookies. You can also follow Shira at, and on Facebook and Twitter at, @GoodieGirlTribeca and @GoodieGirlNYC, respectively.

So, as Shira says, “Eat-Up and Rock-on!” Randy & Steve followed this wonderful baker’s advice during a recent trip to Yosemite National Park.

We especially enjoy pairing Goodie Girl cookies with both red and white wines. Yummy!

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