Mint Cookies Peppermint Pie -

Mint Cookies Peppermint Pie

Mint Cookies Peppermint Pie


This post is written as through a partnership with Goodie Girl Cookies. All opinions are my own.

Tastes of the Season

Every year that we put up †a Christmas Tree I also buy a package of candy canes. I love the mint flavor, but I also feel like itís not a Christmas Tree unless it has candy canes on it!

Of course, I always end up with tons of candy canes and am always looking for yummy treats to make with them!

Mint Cookies

When I received the mint Cookies from†Goodie Girl Cookies†I was so excited. Gluten free or not, everyone who tries them immediately falls in love. Be sure to hide them if you donít want them to all disappear in a day!

The crunchy, chocolatey mint cookie gave me the perfect idea for how to use up all my candy canes!

No Bake Peppermint Pie

This pie is so simple to make. I am a big fan of no bake desserts. Anything that is simple and can be made ahead is my kind of recipe. This pie combines the crunchy cookie crust with a creamy, minty center, topped with whipped cream and crushed candy canes. All of these layers make for one delicious bite!

Usually, I give you a bunch of tips on how to best make the recipe, but this one is super easy!

The only advice I have is to make sure your cream cheese is really soft, and add the peppermint oil slowly. Different oils have different strengths, you donít want to overpower it!

Visit My Gluten Free Miami for the full recipe

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