Offer Thanks with Gluten Free Goodie Girl Cookies!

Offer Thanks with Gluten Free Goodie Girl Cookies!

Savor Thanksgiving in Style! Offer Thanks with Gluten Free Goodie Girl Cookies.

Holiday feasts can mean lots of food prep, family,friends, and savoryfare. Its alsoa great time to share your best-kept secret recipes andnow…don’t forget to share your Goodie GirlGluten FreeCookies!

Like Thanksgiving dinner,these cookies take you back tohome-cookedrich savoryflavors you remember fromchildhood. By using thebest fresh ingredients Goodie Girl Cookies are not only delicious butalsogluten free!

So this Thanksgiving don’t forget to treat your host and/or guests tothe nutmegrichness of Oatmeal Raisin or crunchy goodness ofChocolate Chunk cookies.Better yet, sneak away from the family crowd with your own box ofGoodie Girl Mint Cookiescookies.Everyone needs afreedombreakfrom entertaining and because they aregluten freeyou will have less guilt.

Whether you nibbleorchooseto share em,you cancomplement the Thanksgiving savories withour darkchocolateyMidnight Brownie cookies. And ifyou’refeeling naughty,try pairing theCrunchy Chaos with a great buttery Chardonnay.

Check your selected Walmartstore or your favoritegrocerytreatery for a rich-taste sensation( that just happens to be gluten free). You

Youllbethe festive momor auntat yourfamilysThanksgivingtable. Share the fun & love with yourGoodie Girl Cookies- leaving a smile on everyone’sface.

The Best Cookie Youll Ever Eat – That Just Happens to Be Gluten Free!

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